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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iFit?

iFit is a special needs ministry. We offer an adapted Sunday school class for ages 3-12, respite events, and a support group.

When is the iFit Sunday school class?

We offer our adapted Sunday school class during our 9AM service every Sunday.

What ages does the class serve?

Our iFit Sunday school class is available for ages 3-12.

What type of training/certifications do staff have?

We have one certified special-education teacher, one occupational therapist, and individual buddies each Sunday. The majority of our staff have a background in special needs. We strive to keep the adult to student ratio 1:1.

My child has medical and physical needs. Can they attend iFit?

We serve children with varying needs: physical, developmental, and medical. If you have specific questions regarding your child’s needs, please use the contact us link and we will address your concerns.

When are your respite nights?

We offer respite nights once per quarter. For more information, please use the contact us link or visit our events tab.

When are your support group events?

Please check back soon for further details on this event, or use the contact us link.

Let us know how iFit can help you and your family.

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