Compass North Church aspires to be one church, multiple locations.

NEXT IS NOW is a short-term campaign where we are financially partnering with the miracle God has brought to Compass North Church.


16 acres of land
500 seat auditorium
2.85 M value debt-free


We are currently in a 25,000-square-foot location with just over 500 seats in our auditorium. At this time we are serving nearly 1,500 people on the weekends at CNC. We are exploding with growth in our kid’s wing, and our parking lot is filled to the max. While these are all very good problems, they are problems nonetheless. We are currently running three services and will be gearing up for a fourth in the near future. We have been searching for property to expand our capacity to reach more families with the gospel message of Jesus. 

On April 7th, God made a way for us to expand. He gifted us 16 acres of land with a church facility that seats 500 people, plenty of classrooms for kids space, and multipurpose learning rooms. We plan to make this the first of many expansion locations allowing us to reach our vision of being one church with many locations. This new campus is located off Route 30 on Nave Road in Canton. This will be a second location for us to do ministry while keeping everything running as is at our current location. By asking families that live as close or closer to move to the new location in Canton, we can create space at our current location. This will help us expand our reach and make an even greater impact on the kingdom of God in Northeast Ohio. 

We are asking for families to pray about making the move to the new location as well as everyone who calls Compass North Church home to participate in the miracle that God has given us. We are looking to raise $400,000 to renovate the space and create a life-giving environment. This will help us continue to reach the lost and develop dynamic, spirit-filled, and life-giving leaders who are impacting generations for the glory of God. 

I am asking you to prayerfully consider joining Next is Now and help us fulfill the vision God is calling us to. Let’s pray for miracles, joyful giving, and moments of discipleship. This is our moment. Our next is now, and we are running hard after all that God has for us.


– Pastor Joe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Next is Now?

NEXT IS NOW is a short-term campaign where we are financially partnering with the miracle God has brought to Compass North Church. 

What does the timeline of the project look like?

Construction will begin Spring of 2024 and the estimated time of complication is September 2024.

How do I commit to give to the Next is Now campaign?

We have commitment cards to fill out. If you haven’t received one yet during service, stop by the Welcome Center! Or you can give now through our the CNC app or website under the giving tab. Click the “Next is Now” dropdown.

What is the total cost?

We are raising $400,000 to renovate the $2.85 million dollar property that God gave to us to expand our reach and impact more people with the gospel of Jesus.